Whirlybird Game Review (Android)

If you have an android and are looking for a simple but very fun game to immerse yourself in to pass the time then we highly recommend WhirlyBird. The objective of the game is to try to move up the screen by landing on platforms that catapult you into the air. Some platforms will raise you into the air a bit while others (the ones with the hats on them) will send you flying higher and faster. Watch out for the platforms with spikes on them though, they will automatically end the game for you. If you have an Android, this game is absolutely free and should already be pre-installed in your GooglePlay account. You can play this game while offline so you don't have to worry about spending data or looking for Wi-Fi. If you are broke like the rest of us and can't afford to buy a new game at the moment, try playing Whirlybird. Like we said before, Whirlybird is absolutely free and a lot of fun for a very simple black & white game. Let us know what you think!

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