Breath of the Wild 2 Theory

So, my aunt and I came up with this theory when we were talking about "Breath of the Wild." We are thinking that the new sequel might be taking place in "Ocarina of Time" and we believe there's evidence for this.

In the trailer that Nintendo released, we can see that the "Hyrule Castle" is starting to lift up from the ground. In "Ocarina of Time" as "Adult Link" the castle is lifted from the ground.

Screenshot of Breath of the Wild 2 Trailer
Screenshot of raised Hyrule castle in Ocarina of Time

We also think that "Majora's Mask" might be included with this new Zelda title, there's no evidence to this theory but, it would make sense if they included "Three Amazing Zelda Games" and the three pieces to the "Triforce"... "Power, Wisdom, and Courage."

It would ALL make sense if they included three Zelda Title games and what might happen at the end of the game is you would have to fight each "Different time period Ganon." Once you defeat all Ganon's, they all forge together to make a Beast, the Beast like from "Ocarina of Time." Then  Zelda gives you the last Triforce piece and you kill Ganon, once and for all, "Sealing him into the Darkness".

For the next trailer, I thought at the end, it should show flashbacks of Link's past, then it turns to black, and you hear a familiar voice, the voice of "Navi" saying "Hey, Listen!" Then kid link wakes up in the "Kokiri Forest." New title should be, "The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Time"

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