The Walking Zombie: Dead City Review

For being a simple zombie shooting game and absolutely free, The Walking Zombie: Dead City for Android is actually loads of fun. The controls are pretty basic with the right side of the screen dedicated to aiming and the left side of the screen with two buttons, shoot and reload. Your mission: kill all zombies. The intro of the game is actually morbid. You see your character get bit on the leg by a zombie. Game over already? Nope! You get your leg chopped off with a machete! Then you are handed a gun and told to shoot the walking dead. Even though your character is not able to walk around, the stationary gameplay is not frustrating at all. Zombies will find you.

You must pass nine levels before reaching your first boss battle. The first boss is a giant zombie priest. Easy to beat in our opinion. The level after the boss is an arena battle with hordes of zombies and all you have is a knife. You don't have a choice in choosing your weapon for arena battles. When you pass a boss, you enter a new map with new types of undead enemies. You can acquire upgrades and new weapons by eliminating enemies, passing levels, watching ads, and of course in app purchases. We opted to watching a couple of short ads and were able to get upgrades by the seventh level.

Everything was going smoothly until level 12 came around, that's when it gets crazy. Here you are introduced to zombies that are able to crawl on the ceilings! By level 16, we had to upgrade again. We acquired a new gun and upgraded our magazine capacity. We are thankful we did this because we came across fast moving zombies that seem to appear out of nowhere. Second boss battle is a syringe throwing, two-headed zombie wearing scrubs. After this battle you enter the arena again, only this time your weapon is a pitchfork. Does the job well. Just when you think that this game couldn't get crazier, it does.

Level 26 is a twisted level. You have a sniper and you have to eliminate zombies that are trying to eat a baby. That's right, you read that correctly. You have to protect an infant in a crib that was somehow left in the middle of the street. Wtf?!

Overall this is a very good and fun packed game. It runs well on low end devices and is free to download. You can replay any level with whatever upgrades you have gained. We give this game a rating of 7/10.

The Walking Dead

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