Old School Runescape: Priest Doesn't Realize He Is Living In An Online Game

During one of my first NPC encounters in Old School Runescape, a crazy "conspiracy theory" emerged and asked the question, "Are you/we living in a virtual reality?" My brain went wild.

Just fyi, I have never played any Runescape games before and this is definitely not a review of Old School Runescape that I happened to download a few days ago. I have a cousin who was obsessed with Runescape when it first came out in 1999 and I never understood the hype but maybe because I never gave it a chance. So out of curiosity, I downloaded the game onto my Android through Google Play...good thing it was free. (Not a huge fan of having to pay for game unless I know it is absolutely worth it.) Anyhow, check out the following images and I have also included a short clip in this post of a dialogue that takes place between your character and a priest in the game, Father Aereck.

It may sound like a simple exchange between two characters in a video game but it comes with really deep philosophical implications. If we do live in a virtual reality, the way Elon Musk and Neil deGrasse Tyson explain it, maybe we can somehow become masters of the matrix, and glitch our way to success. Or simply learn whatever we can, expand our consciousness, and become a better version of ourselves by simply playing video games. Glitches and cheats exist, but it doesn't mean that we always have to use them. A warrior cannot possibly be the best if it doesn't go up against formidable opponents. Irregardless, if we do live in a virtual reality, we should still try to make the best of it.

Maybe we live in a game and our "God" is really some alien kid playing Earth: The Video Game. Let us know what you think!

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