Remembering Our First Nintendo Games - Memory Block (Nintendo Life)

Everyone remembers their first Nintendo game or first video game in general. First one played, first one owned, first one bought with your own money, or a first for a particular console. This video from Nintendo Life talks about those firsts, and I loved it. I think it is incredible that Zion's first purchased game was Spy VS Spy. I loved that game as a kid, and I remember going to barbeques at my parent's friends' house and playing that game for hours. 

I bought that game later when I had my own Nintendo, but unfortunately, like most of my NES stuff, it got lost or stolen when I moved. Like the guys at Nintendo Life, I also had a friend who I watched play, and some of my best gaming memories are of watching him play. My first Nintendo system was the Game Boy, and because of that, it holds a special place in my heart. My first games were Baseball, Tennis, and of course, Tetris, and I played all of them a lot. 

 What are some of your first Nintendo games? First console? What is your favorite game of all time? Share all your Nintendo memories in the comments below.


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