Gaming Broductions take an in-depth look into the games from Enix in the 90s

Here is another fantastic video from the YouTube channel Gaming Broductions. In this video, they take an in-depth look into the games from Enix in the 90s. Nowadays, most people know them as Square Enix, but in the 1990s, Enix and Square were two separate companies. Thanks to this video, I learned about some games from Enix that I had never heard of, and now I want to check them out.

The first JRPG ever created, Dragon Quest (Dragon Warrior in North America), is from Enix. They single-handedly created my favorite genre of video games, and I am thankful they did. Unfortunately, I didn't get to play many of these games until later in my life, but the ones I did were loads of fun. One, in particular, was ActRaiser. I used to spend hours playing that game with my buddy Mario. I have so many good memories of those days. It's too bad we didn't get any of the Dragon Quest games on the Super Nintendo. I was too young to enjoy JRPGs that came out on the NES, but I think I would have loved Dragon Quest growing up.

Just Breed sounds like a title that I need to check out. I love the Fire Emblem and Shining Force series, so I want to play the fan translation of Just Breed. Orge Tactics is another series I haven't played before. My friend recommended March of the Black Queen a couple of years ago, and I still need to play it. I am so happy that Enix made many incredible games in the 20th century. Thanks to them, we got some of my favorite games ever made, like the Dragon Quest series. They also inspired Square to start making their RPG games. These two companies, who have since merged, have made so many of the most important games of my generation. I am so grateful they did.

If you enjoyed this video, check out the Gaming Broductions YouTube channel. They make all kinds of fantastic videos like this one. Do you have a favorite title from Enix? Let us know in the comments below.


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