Dead Effect: FREE Android Game Zombie FPS

This game came out in 2013 but nonetheless is still an awesome zombie first person shooter that is free to download on the Android in 2020. We got to play this game on a low spec device and it ran smoothly without having to adjust the graphics. In app purchases are available allowing you to upgrade and improve your character. There are a decent amount of weapons to eliminate zombies with and plenty of missions to keep you busy for hours.

We wouldn't normally pay for an android game but we would for this game. Maybe $4.99 is what we would pay, at the most. This is actually a lot because we are cheapskates. Just saying. We are firm believers of games being easily accessible to everyone. If you can afford to buy expensive consoles and games all day, every day, then good for you. But not all of us are that blessed. Thus when we say we would pay for a game that is free, it is a huge compliment!

 The controls are very simple and straightforward. Left side to move around and right side to aim your weapon. You have quick left and right turn buttons, change weapon, reload and aim. The first level is pretty easy on normal mode but the levels do get tougher as the game progresses. The strength of the zombies and numbers increase as you continue playing, but of course so does your arsenal of weapons. You begin with an energy infused weapon with infinite ammo, but a very slow reload time. Don't worry though, you are able to pick up new weapons such as a .357 and a shotgun early on in the game. You can also purchase new weapons and upgrades if you can afford it. You can choose to be a male or female character, both of which kick ass.

 This game is reminiscent of Resident Evil and Mass Effect. Graphics and sound are intense making it a scary but fun game. Being able to improve your weapons, decrease reload time and increase magazine capacity is a plus. But the absolute best thing about this game is...that it's FREE! Let us know what you think.

We rate this game a 8/10 and would pay $4.99 for it...but you don't have to because it is free to download for the Android through Google Play. We believe it is also on Steam and Dead Effect 2 was released in 2015 so better believe that is the next game we are downloading.

Steam Gift Card 50 USD

Walking Dead Figure Coll Mag #32 Rick - $15.96

from: Things From Another World


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