God of War 5 Theory

I put all my thoughts into this theory. This theory is about the new "God of War 5" and is going to take you into the first and latest installment of the "God of War Franchise." Fair warning, it's going to mention endings of God of War games too, you've been warned.
 That being said, In the 2018 God of War, we see that "Kratos and Atreus" have successfully made it to the end of their journey, but they both see that on the walls, someone has been writing their story along the way. "Atreus" sees most of the art, but he didn't see one. We find out that "Atreus" is "Loki". We also see "Kratos death" as we see "Kratos dying in Atreus arms". Then fast forward, if you go back home, you get a secret ending, but we finally see that in the new God of War, where we are going to fight "Thor: God of Thunder", here is where the theory gets crazy.

What I thought of, is that in the new God of War, "Kratos and Atreus" fight "Thor" in the beginning of the game. Before they can "Successfully" kill "Thor", "Thor" hits Kratos with "The hardest lighting Strike in history" leaving Kratos "With a big cut on the side of his stomach". When Kratos dies, Atreus goes full "God of war mode" and attempts to kill "Thor" but, "Thor" sends Atreus to a "Different realm". So this whole new game is just Atreus finding his way back home, and killing Thor. When Atreus finds Thor, He hits the living hell out of him, (like how Kratos beats his father and there's blood all over the screen). Before Atreus can kill Thor, Thor pushes him away and throws his Hammer at Atreus, "Grabs the Hammer". As Thor is shocked, Atreus, He releases "The greatest Lighting Strike in History" kill Thor, then Atreus returns home knowing, he's "The God of War".


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