Life Is Strange: True Colors - The First 15 Minutes

Life is Strange: True Colors is one of the games I have been looking forward to most. Just in case you weren't sure and need another look, here's a 15-minute gameplay video. I love the Life is Strange series, and the new game looks fantastic. True Colors will be the first LiS game that I play on release, thanks to the fact that the whole game comes out instead of by episode. I can't wait to jump into the new world, and I will be starting it ASAP. 

Life is Strange: True Colors is out for PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC now.


  1. Playing the game right now and so far I'm liking it a lot! And the colors they use in the game are absolutely beautiful! I loved all the games from the LIS universe and so far this one is not disappointing! And the Ray tracing is a pretty cool feature:)


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