The Gaming Grandma Documentary

This next video is pretty neat. It is a documentary about an 85-year-old grandma who loves Skyrim. This woman is so rad, and I hope that I will still be gaming forty-plus years from now. I have read about this woman before, and I recently came across her again, so I wanted to share her story with you folks. Being older doesn't mean you can't enjoy a great game like Skyrim, and Shirley Curry proves that. 
Take a few minutes to watch this charming documentary, and if you like it, think about subscribing to her YouTube channel. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.


  1. I love this lady, she's so cool! And she reminds me of my grandma... she didn't play videogames but she was pretty rad herself! I hope I will still be playing videogames when I'm her age, this lady I fantastic!


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