How did you become a SEGA fan? Content Creators react with SegaAmerica

SegaAmerica put out this rad video from several content creators telling us how they became SEGA fans. There are some great stories here, so enjoy. 
I want to share some of my memories of SEGA as well. I unfortunately never had a SEGA console growing up, but that didn't stop me from experiencing some of their games. 
I had a buddy, Mario, that lived down the street from me in the early 90s. I spent the majority of my free time at his house. He was the only friend I had that owned a SEGA. Nintendo was in most households back then, at least in the States where I grew up. 

My first memories were of his SEGA Master System and Space Harrier. I still love that game to this day. I played Yakuza 0 a few years back, and the SEGA arcade in the game had Space Harrier, and I spent hours playing it. Some day I would love to get my hands on a cartridge of Space Harrier, even if I don't have a Master System. I collect stuff that has a special meaning for me. 

The game I remember the most was Mortal Kombat, which was incredible for a kid at the end of elementary school. Mario was fortunate to have both a SEGA Genesis and a SNES. He even had both versions of the game. We hardly touched the SNES version. The fatality moves were the best! It took us a while to beat that game, but I loved every minute. 

I may not have had a SEGA growing up, but there are so many SEGA games out there that I love. They continue to make great games, like the Yakuza series, even without having their console. I hope to keep seeing great titles from SEGA for many more years. 

Share how you became a SEGA fan with us in the comments below.


  1. My cousin "Nacho" had a Genesis and I remember falling in love with the game Vectorman. Lol. Good times!


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