Nintendo Switch NEEDS This Classic RPG Revival by PlayerEssence

Here is another excellent video from OJ at PlayerEssence. This one is about RPGs that we need on the Switch. The Nintendo Switch is a fantastic platform for RPG lovers, and we have been lucky to get tons of great games already. I would love to see more SNES-era JRPGs for sure there are so many great ones. I also hope they put the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster games on the Switch. I bought FF III on Steam because it is the first time we have had it available in 2D in the west. I will hold out on buying the others for now because I want them on Switch. What I would love more than anything would be Dragon Quest IV-VI. I love Dragon quest, and it is probably my favorite JRPG franchise. 

What classic RPGs would you like to see come out on the Switch? Let us know what your favorite RPG of all time is in the comment section.


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