Before the Bubble Burst: Jamie Fenton, Game Designer, 1982 (MediaBurnArchive)

This video from MediaBurnArchive captures a piece of history right before the Video Game Crash of 1983. In the video, Jamie (FKA Jay) Fenton, a game designer at, Bally-Midway talks about her game The Adventures of Robby Roto and how it didn't do so well. She worked on the Bally Astrocade and games such as Datsun 280 ZZZap and Gorf. Jamie also shows off Ms. Gorf, a game she was working on at the time, and that till this day has never been finished. 

It is too bad that this game never got to see the light of day because it looks like a lot of fun. Another casualty of the over-saturation in the industry at the time. I found it quite interesting when Jamie talks about the future of video games and how some of her ideas have already come to pass. I am fascinated by anything retro and the history of video games. 

I enjoy sharing these videos, and I hope you enjoy watching them. Let us know if you like these types of videos in the comments.


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