Should You Buy a RetroN 3 HD in 2021? - Stuff We Play

So I have been seriously looking into getting a Sega console recently. I have never owned a Sega system, and I want to be able to play Sega games. I have been doing some research, and the Retron 3 HD came up in my search. I found this video from YouTube channel Stuff We Play. Let us check it out to see what they thought about this clone console in 2021. 

I thought it was an intriguing option. Not only does it play Genesis/Master System games, but I could also play the NES/SNES cartridges that I have. The Retron is region-free, so it plays games from North America, Japan, and Europe. I have some cartridges for NES/SNES, but unfortunately, I don't have the original consoles anymore. It seems like a neat little machine, and you can use the original controllers for all three systems as well. Plugs in my HD TV and plays games from several consoles, and I found one on Amazon. I might get one after hearing what the folks at Stuff We Play said about this. 

What do you all think?


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