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Outriders - Official Gameplay Overview

Last week, Square Enix presented some of the games that will be coming out this spring, and at the top of the list is Outriders, a co-op RPG shooter that is coming out April 1st. It will also be available on day 1 on Xbox Game Pass (only for console, unfortunately), so those of you who have the Xbox series X/S/one are in luck. From the video, it looks promising and should cater to many different play styles out there. A beautiful world has been created and it has loads of customization as well. That includes post-game content. 

There is a demo available on Steam, Epic Games, PS5/PS4, Xbox Series X/S/one, and Stadia. Check it out and tell us what you think in the comments below.



  1. That game looks really promising! I saw some streamers playing the demo a few weeks ago...

    1. Yeah I definitely want to check it out!

    2. Downloading it right now! I'll post my impression once I've played some! It looks really interesting!!!


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