Next Mass Effect: What We Want To See (Gamespot)

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition comes out in around 6 weeks, and as a fan of BioWare and the series, I am excited to see what the remake will entail. In the meantime, I watched this video from Gamespot, where Lucy discusses what she would like to see in the next Mass Effect game. She makes some valid points, and I really liked watching this one. I was one of the many who was quite disappointed in Mass Effect Andromeda, and so I hope that some of these things are implemented in the next game.
Are you a fan of Mass Effect? Are you looking forward to the next game? Will you be picking up Mass Effect: Legendary Edition? Tell us down below in the comment section.


  1. I love Mass Effect and I'm really looking forward to this Legendary Edition of the trilogy! I really hope they fixed some issues from the first game, like the way the mako handles... Can't wait to see my Commander Shepard with a remastered look!!!

    1. Yeah I hope they fix some of the issues with fighting in the first one lol


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