Metroid Dread First Ever Sub Hour Speedrun by Arkandy (World Record)

Attention Metroid Dread fans! It has finally happened. Speedrunner Arkandy smashed the world record and pulled off Metroid Dread's first-ever sub-hour speedrun! Arkandy now holds the world record for Metroid Dread Any% Legacy with an astonishing time of 59:56. This run is absolutely beautiful. One can only imagine the level of dedication that it takes to accomplish this. If you are a Metroid Dread fan, this video is a must-watch. Even if you are not a fan, watch it anyways. You won't be disappointed. 

Congratulations to Arkandy for this unbelievable feat! 

Arkandy does plan on running other categories. Don't forget to subscribe to their channel and follow them for more amazing speedruns of Metroid Dread.

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