Lost in Random – Official Gameplay Trailer

I first wrote about this game around a year ago when it was about to come out. I remember thinking t looked cute and that I loved the art style. I just finished playing Lost in Random, and I enjoyed it. Another fantastic game I played, thanks to Xbox Game Pass. When I saw EA added it to the list of titles, I knew I needed to try it. 

You play as Even, a young girl living in the slums of Onecroft, and you set out on an adventure to save your older sister Odd. Along the way, you meet a friend, Dicey, who helps you battle the evil robots of the queen. 

When I first started playing, I fell in love with the world, which reminded me a lot of Tim Burton's: A Nightmare Before Christmas. You can tell the devs of this game took inspiration from the film. It also reminded me of Fable 2 since both games feature two siblings in the slums. Fans of either of these should feel at home with the art of Lost in Random. 

The six different towns were fun to explore, even if the middle section of the game dragged on a bit for me. I found the main NPCs interesting with good voice acting, but the secondary NPCs were all the same. Each town had a few collectibles, and it was fun searching for them. 

The combat was different. You start each battle with your trusty slingshot that you use to shoot crystals off of the enemies. You collect the crystals to unlock cards from your deck, and once you get five cards, you roll your dice and use them. It was a new way of fighting for me, and it took some getting used to, but it works with the tone of the game. One thing I should have done was change up my deck more. It probably would have made it more enjoyable. 

Overall I enjoyed the game a lot. If you like creative gothic art-style worlds with good storytelling and cute characters, you should check out Lost in Random. If you have Game Pass or see this one on sale, I recommend it picking it up.


  1. This game is really cool and I agree with your review. Definitely worth picking this game up. The atmosphere of the game is stunning and it did remind me a lot of Fable which is my favorite game of all time, especially the music. I enjoyed also the narrator voice. The combat was different than what I'm used to but I had fun playing it (and some moments of rage and frustration I admit it).


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