Here's Every Reason You Need To Play Persona On Switch by NintendoLife

Recently Atlus announced that a few Persona games were coming out on the Switch, Xbox, and PC. I was thrilled to see this news because I love the Persona series. Check out this video to hear what the folks over at NintendoLife think. They give some reasons they think you should get these games on the Nintendo Switch. 
I already have these three games, but I might have to pick a couple of them up for the Switch. I have 4 Golden and P3P on the Playstation Vita, so I would love to play them on my TV. It would be nice to have Persona 5 Royal on the go too. They are coming to Game Pass, so I might have to play them on Xbox. I think I will go with the Switch if they make a physical copy. 

Even though these games are a bit long, I am looking forward to jumping back in. They are a lot of fun. I like the point they bring up about how P3P has two protagonists. If you played the PS2 version, you have a whole new character to go through the game. I will probably play P3P first. The music in these games is fantastic, and I can't wait to get it stuck in my head all over again. If you like anime and JRPGs, then check these games out. 

Do you think you might get any Persona games on Switch, Xbox, or PC? Which system will you get the games on? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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