GamerZakh Modded a New Daggerfall 'Remaster' in 2022

The Elder Scrolls games are some of the best-known western RPGs out today. The majority of gamers have at least heard of Skyrim. They have been releasing new versions for more than a decade now. Fewer people have probably heard of Daggerfall, the second game in the Elder Scrolls series, which came out in 1996. Thanks to Unity and the amazing modding community, we can experience a new version of Daggerfall for free on GOG. 

In this video from YouTuber, GamerZahk, we can see some gameplay, get tips on how to get into the game, create a character, and even get through the first dungeon. I picked up Skyrim on the Xbox One some years ago and fell in love with the game. I also bought it for the Nintendo Switch to support the system and get the Breath of the Wild added content. I played Oblivion a couple of years ago and had a lot of fun. I have been meaning to play Morrowind forever, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. You could say that I am a fan of the Elder Scrolls games. 

Last year I was curious about the first Elder Scrolls titles. I found both Arena (the first game) and Daggerfall for free on Bethesda's website. I tried playing Arena, but I found it quite baffling. I did get through the first dungeon after a couple of tries and the help of a map, but afterward, I had trouble sticking with the game. I saw that this new free version of Daggerfall was up on GOG, and I downloaded it right away. If you are feeling adventurous, I suggest you do the same. I am grateful to the dedicated modders who have put this game out there for folks like me to check out. 

Are you a fan of the Elder Scrolls games? Will you be downloading Daggerfall? 

Let us know down in the comments.


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