ELDEN RING: Top 10 Annoying Enemies According To Tyrannicon

I love watching YouTube videos as a way to wind down and relax at the end of the day. One of my favorite YouTube channels to help me with that is Tyrannicon. It is a channel made up of two people that make all kinds of guide videos and rage playthroughs. 

I first found the channel while playing Sekiro years ago. I struggled a lot with the bosses in that game, so I turned to YouTube for some help. After watching some guides, I watched some of the Sekiro Rage Playthroughs. I saw my pain and suffering were not mine alone, which made me feel better. I came for boss guides, but I stayed for rage playthroughs. I think many people found their channel this way. I have watched several of their rage playthroughs over the years. 

This video talks about some of the most annoying enemies in Elden Ring, and there are many. I think the enemy I found most annoying was the rune bears. They surprised me early on in the game with their speed and strength, and I was scared of them until the end. I loved the singing bat but mostly because I found her song beautiful. I sat there and listened to her sing for several minutes more than once. 

If you enjoy the video, think about subscribing to their YouTube channel. I know they would appreciate the love. Do you agree with Tyrannicon's list? Let us know which enemies you found annoying in the comments below.


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