Blazing Dragons: Episode 2 with Lady MegaDanger

This next video comes from one of my favorite Twitch streamers, Lady MegaDanger. She is a member of Stream Queens, a group of Drag content creators, so you know she puts on a good show. She has a YouTube channel where you can catch past streams, which is marvelous for me. I have loved Drag since I was a teenager, and I am so happy I found this channel. 

On the channel, you can watch Lady MegaDanger play through many obscure retro titles, some beloved (and not so beloved) classics, and occasionally newer titles. She uses original hardware and has a vast collection of games from NES to more modern systems like the SEGA Dreamcast and Playstation 3. Last Halloween, she had a special event where she did her makeup as Nosferatu, and we watched the silent film together. It was a blast! She has kept the fun alive by continuing to show public domain films almost every week. 

I love that I can see previous streams on her YouTube channel, but my favorite way to watch is on Twitch. Since I live in Europe, I miss some streams, and YouTube gives me a place to watch shows that I miss. There is a lovely community of queer folks who hang out in the chat, and I always have a fantastic time. 

If you liked the video and want to see more rad retro stuff, then subscribe to her YouTube channel and give her a follow on Twitch. Cheers!


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