The Wild at Heart Mini Review by The Indie Gaming Guild

The Wild at Heart is a fantastic game that I finished playing over the weekend. When I first saw the trailer for this game a couple of months back, I was attracted to its art style and music. I thought I would share this video from The Indie Gaming Guild YouTube channel, as it shares some of my thoughts. The music track mentioned was my personal favorite of the game, and when it came on, I sat there for a moment listening. After playing through it, I must say that I highly recommend it to anyone who loves the magical feeling of being a kid. 

I loved the book Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak, and something about the creatures in this game brought me back to the 7-year-old who fell in love with that story. It was a joy to explore the world, and even though I didn't find everything the game offers, I did go off the beaten path to find several secrets. The Wild at Heart is available on Xbox and PC. It is also on Game Pass at the moment, so if you have that, I would say that you give it a try. 

Do you think this game looks interesting? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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