The Dark Pictures: House of Ashes - First 15 Minutes of Gameplay

I recently played through the first The Dark Pictures Anthology game, Man of Medan, and I enjoyed it a lot. So much in fact that I think I will get the trilogy that is coming out this October. Check out this video for House of Ashes is the third game in The Dark Pictures Anthology series. If you enjoy interactive stories and choose-your-own adventures, then you might want to give these games a try. I haven't tried it yet, but these games offer an option to play in two, and I think that is pretty interesting. 

What did you think about the first 15 minutes of House of Ashes? Have you played the previous games? Let us know down below in the comments.


  1. I was positively surprised by the first game, and because of that I'll definitely be checking out this new one when it comes out. October, marked on my calendar ;)

    1. Yeah Man of Medan was good, and the House of Ashes looks like another scary adventure :)


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