Serin Fate - Release Date Announcement Gameplay Trailer

Take a look at the release date announcement trailer for Serin Fate, a hand-crafted fantasy RPG that delves deep into the churning depths of Magic. I saw one of my favorite streamers playing some of this over the weekend. I love the look of this game, the world is quite charming, and I love the music. I see elements from some of my favorite games of all time including, Zelda and Pokemon. There is inspiration from chill crafting games, like Minecraft and Stardew Valley. 

I will be checking out future streams of this, and I might have to try it out for myself. If you are interested in checking Serin Fate out, you can find it on Steam, and it will be coming to the Switch later on. What did you think about the video? Is this the type of game that you enjoy playing? Let us know in the comments.


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