How to Defeat your Backlog, the SuperDerek Way

This next video from YouTuber SuperDerek RPGs gives some advice on how to finish your RPG backlog. My friend suggested this one, as we are both RPG lovers with considerable backlogs. RPGs are not the fastest games out there. I am currently trying to finish the post-game in Dragon Quest 11s, and I have already put 120 hours into it. I know that I am going to take some of this advice and make a list right away. I watch Twitch streams all the time while working on some of my RPGs, among other things. Playing one game at a time is going to be a hard one for me, but maybe I will try that in the future. 

If you found any of this advice helpful, think about subscribing to SuperDerek RPGs' channel. Are you going to make a list? Share some of the games on your list down below.


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