Elden Ring: Hands-Off Preview

Some of the folks in the gaming industry were lucky enough to preview some of Elden Ring's gameplay. In this video from IGN, Mitchell Saltzma talks about what he saw. Fans of the Soulsborne games have been waiting for Elden Ring for a long time now, and hearing about the gameplay is quite exciting. I know I am severely thrilled about this game, and I hope the public gets to see some more gameplay soon. 

In the meantime, we will have to suffice with the reports from those who have seen the gameplay. What I am hearing reinforces my excitement. I love the stealth options that will be available, as it was one of my favorite aspects of Sekiro. What are your thoughts about this Elden Ring news? Will you be playing the game on release? Do you think the public will get to see some gameplay soon? Share your thoughts down below in the comments.


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