BIG Nintendo Switch JRPG BACK From The Dead by PlayerEssence

Let's watch some more of the latest news from the engaging PlayerEssence YouTube channel. In this video, OJ talks about Digimon Survive, a tactical JRPG, and how we should be expecting an announcement shortly. He also talks a bit about Bravely Default II and how it is doing well on the Switch. 

I played the first demo of the game, and I found the difficulty spike a bit overwhelming, but I didn't give it much of a chance. It is available on Steam now, which will help bring it to a bigger audience. I will pick it up if I see it on sale. The most exciting news for me is the announcement of the Sega/Atlus Livestream channel at the Tokyo Game Show 2021. I hope we get some ports of Persona games on the Switch. 

What do you folks think about the games shown in the video? Are you interested in Digimon Survive or Bravely Default II? Are you going to tune into the Tokyo Game Show at the end of September? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


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