The Medium - Official PS5 DualSense Features Overview Trailer

The Medium is one of the games for the next-gen consoles that I am interested in playing. I have avoided watching much gameplay because it is a game I would like to experience for myself. This video shows how owners of the PS5 can use the DualSense controller to feel protagonist Marianne's reactions to the world and events. 

It looks pretty cool, to be honest. I loved the PS4's controller and the unique features it added to games, especially the speaker. I remember the first time the controller speaker went off; I was amazed. You got to hand it to Playstation for that, and I bet this game will give players a neat experience. 

The Medium comes to Playstation 5 on September 3rd. Have you played The Medium yet? Do you own one of the next-gen consoles? What are some of the things that you look for when buying a new console? Let us know in the comments.


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