STORYTELLER - Reveal Trailer

Annapurna Interactive is putting out a unique-looking game. Storyteller is a puzzle game about building stories, sounds intriguing. In the game, players become the author, filling out story panels with a drag and drop action. One of the puzzles shown, Story of a Tragedy, seems simple enough to tell, and it looks like there are different options. I would have fun with this, and it could be interesting to stream with an audience helping tell a wacky story. 

Storyteller has no release date yet but should be coming soon. It will be available on the Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam. A playable demo is available now on Steam. So if it looks like something you might enjoy, give the demo a try.


  1. I admit I'm not the best at puzzle solving, but this game got my attention. I like the art style and the whole idea of writing a story is definitely intriguing. I'd check it out for sure, downloading the demo today ;)


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