Raji: An Ancient Epic Enhanced Edition - Announce Trailer

Check out the trailer for Raji: An Ancient Epic Enhanced Edition, the action-adventure game set in ancient India, which is getting a free update on Switch. As you can see in the trailer, it will add Hindi voice-overs, new game modes, and improved gameplay. I like the idea of this game, and I get PS2-era Prince of Persia vibes from it. I have always loved the sound of Indian music and even wanted to learn the sitar as a child. The music adds to the atmosphere. I think it is fantastic that they use Hindi voice acting as well. 

I have always been intrigued by Hindu mythology, and I love the fact that there is a game that shares it with us. Experience the story of Raji in a free Enhanced Edition Update coming to Nintendo Switch later this year. What did you think of the trailer?


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