PlayerEssence Hints To Nintendo Switch Online Game Boy Advance Games

I have been hearing some rumors circulating about Nintendo Switch Online adding something more to their Virtual Console. Here's a video from the excellent PlayerEssence talking about the subject and what he thinks might be in store for us. We have heard these rumors many times before, and nothing ever comes from them, so here's hoping that we get something new. I think we are more likely to see Game Boy added to the VC, but who knows. 

It makes sense that they would start from the beginning and work their way up. Honestly, I would be happy with anything they decide to add because I love games. I have learned about some interesting ones thanks to Nintendo Switch Online. Do you think Nintendo will add a new console to their VC? Which console do you think it could be? 

Share which console you want to see and some games that you would like in the comments.


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