Minecraft – Playing for the First Time EVER

This video from Nintendo Minute shows off some of the gameplay and brings their shenanigans along with it. If you want to watch something that makes you laugh, this video is perfect. I love Kit and Krysta and always have fun watching them. I recently started playing Minecraft, one of my favorite streamers was playing it, and it was so relaxing. My nephew had told me for years that it was a great game. After watching a few streams, I decided I needed to try it myself. 

 I had a rough time my first night in Minecraft, and I think I died like ten times. I own a couple of copies of the game now. I play it by myself and with my nephew regularly. I love this game and have loads of fun, and I find crafting so relaxing. Do you play Minecraft? Which platform do you play? 

Tell us one of your Minecraft stories in the comments!


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