I Bought Fake Nintendo Games From Amazon by Spawn Wave

I recently picked up the Retron 3 HD to play some of my old carts. Plus, I want to get into Sega Genesis/Mega Drive collecting a bit. I have been checking out more retro gaming stores and stuff online too, and I noticed some fakes and repros out there. Not necessarily a bad thing, in my opinion, if you want to play games, but not necessarily for collecting. In this video from YouTuber Spawn Wave, he looks at some fake Nintendo games for sale on Amazon. Warning-at 10 minutes and 45 seconds, you maybe want to mute the video. There is a high pitch screech. 

I did buy a cartridge of Final Fantasy I, II, and III, knowing it was fake. I just wanted to play Final Fantasy II and III on a cartridge. I booted it up, and all the games work, but I won't know if there are any problems until later. I do plan on trying to get through Final Fantasy II NES soon. What do you think about the fake games out there? Would you consider buying a reproduction cart? What about fan-translated cartridges? 

Let us know what you think in the comments.


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