GTA III, Vice City & San Andreas Remastered Coming This Year?

Rumors are going around that say a Grand Theft Auto remastered trilogy is on the way for multiple platforms, including the Nintendo Switch. The best part is it's supposed to come out this Fall. Check out TmarTn2's YouTube video to see what his thoughts are about this rumor. I know I would love for this to happen. 

I haven't played GTA 3 before, but Vice City was one of the games that got me back into gaming. My favorite GTA is San Andreas, and it is one of the games that I have played multiple times, so I would buy this remaster for sure. I tried replaying Vice City a couple of years ago, and it was tough. I got to a point in the game that it was too frustrating to progress because of the clunky controls. I would love it if Rockstar improved the way they feel. 

What do you think about these rumors going around? Would you get the GTA Trilogy remastered edition? Which GTA game is your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


  1. That feeling when Rockstar games wasn't able to come up with something new for the GTA, so they will remaster the old classics with better graphics and what not, that the modders were better at way before Rockstar had even that idea.


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