FF2 Retrospective by Altercate

With Square Enix's new Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters out, I think many fans will be playing Final Fantasy II for the first time. It is a game that a lot of folks don't like, especially the original Famicom version. I played the GBA version a couple of times, and even though the leveling system is different, I enjoyed it. This video from Altercate is a retrospective video essay. He explains why he believes Final Fantasy II, despite all its flaws, is the most relevant game in the series. The video does contain spoilers, so if you haven't played it yet, maybe save it for later. 

I think he did a fantastic job. I am pretty excited about the new Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster games, and I think I will eventually get them all. In the meantime, I am going to replay all the classics. With all the Final Fantasy hype, I am ready to play the original fan translation of Final Fantasy II on the Famicom. Are you a Final Fantasy fan? Have you played any version of II before? 

Tell us about your favorite Final Fantasy game in the comment section.


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