Aliens: Fireteam Elite Final Preview by GameSpot

The folks over at GameSpot played over 8 hours of Aliens: Fireteam Elite; in this video, Phil Hornshaw gives his impressions on the game's first two campaigns. I love the Alien movies, and I think this game looks like a great way to spend some time with a couple of friends. The story seems interesting, and the fighting sounds intense. I love it when a game gives you a flame-thrower as a weapon option. Those aliens that hide on the ceilings freak me out. They do a great job of having different alien types. 

Watching this makes me want to rewatch the old movies. It is not my type of game, but I love the films, so I would give it a try if it comes to Xbox Game Pass. Looks fun for fans of co-op games and Aliens. What do you think about Aliens: Fireteam Elite? Let us know in the comment section.


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