What Games Are Like For Someone Who Doesn't Play Games by Razbuten

Razbuten, a YouTuber, has made a series called Gaming For A Non-Gamer. In this series, his wife, who is not a gamer, plays games to see how she does after a lifetime of not playing games. I had a fun time watching this and also could relate to it. I have been gaming my whole life, but my partner only really started when we moved in together.

In my experience, certain types of games like platformers are more difficult for someone who has never played them. However, my sister played lots of 2D Mario games growing up but never really played any 3D games. A couple of years ago, I watched her play some Breath of the Wild, and it was difficult for her to understand the camera controls. I am glad that I have experience in most types of games, and more recently, I have been learning to game on PC with a mouse and keyboard.

I love video games, and if I can, I will be a gamer for life. I enjoyed this video a lot, and if you like it too, check out Razbuten's channel and show him some love.


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