The Witcher: Season 2 Teaser Trailer - Netflix

Netflix has released the teaser trailer for The Witcher Season 2, and I can't wait till it comes out. I saw a commercial for The Witcher 3 The Wild Hunt on a TV commercial back when it came out. After seeing it, I decided I needed the game, and it was the first time in years that I had purchased a video game because of the commercial. I am glad I did because I fell in love with the series. I wasn't sure about the Netflix series, but I liked it after watching a few episodes. It also inspired me to start reading the books too. 

The second series looks like it will be even better, and I can't wait to see more about Ciri. It's coming out on December 17th, which will give me time to read another book or two. Do you enjoy The Witcher series? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


  1. Oh this looks good! I was not sure about a TV series of The Witcher and I have to admit it is pretty good! And watching it made me want to replay the games! Can't wait for season 2!


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