The Video Game Years 1980 - Full Gaming History Documentary by Pat The NES Punk

I love video game history and YouTuber, Pat the NES Punk has been making a fantastic series about video games. The Video Game Years is a show that examines the fun, culture, and oddities of video game history, and it's well done. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves documentaries about classic video games. He breaks each episode up by the year and talks about the relevant stuff from that particular year. 

I chose to share the year 1980 because, in my opinion, this was an influential year for video games. With games like Pacman, the Atari VCS version of Space Invaders, Sierra Online's Mystery House, and Centipede debuting in 1980, no wonder video games took off. Also, Nintendo's Game & Watch came out, which had the first-ever D-pad, and those little handheld video games were rad. I appreciated this video much more than I expected I would, and I learned so much trivia. 

If you like this video, check out Pat the NES Punk's YouTube page and subscribe. Hopefully, he will continue this series.


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