So You Want to Get Into Metroid by Arlo

I know some folks might not have played a Metroid game before, and that's why I wanted to share this video from YouTuber Arlo: So You Want to Get Into Metroid. Arlo makes some good points: for instance, the original Metroid is a gem, but I agree that it is maybe best left for hardcore retro enthusiasts. For people wanting to get started with the series, the original could be a bit too hard. Metroid for the NES was my first Metroid game, but I never got very far until years later. 

This video reminded me again that I need to play the Prime Games, and hopefully, I will be able to someday. Come on, Nintendo, we need a trilogy remake before Prime 4. Also, there's a Metroid manga? Yes, please! I hope you enjoyed this video, whether or not you have played Metroid before. I know I did. Arlo puts out some good stuff, so if you liked the video, think about subscribing to the channel. 

Are you ready to start playing some Metroid now?


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