Resident Evil 1: Remake In First Person POV

Check out this video from Residence of Evil showing off a piece of a fan remake of Resident Evil in first-person. This particular remake is from Moonglint, a talented artist who has been remaking video games in Unreal Engine for years. The video shows only a portion of the game used to test the lighting effects for RoE’s own upcoming survival horror game known as Vigil. It looks fantastic, and so does the other stuff I have seen from Moonglint, who has a YouTube channel as well. The details in the paintings and the wind blowing against the curtains were quite impressive to me. 

Playing in the first-person perspective adds tension for sure, and I bet it would be crazy in VR. I am continuously amazed at what fans do with remakes and mods. Keep up the brilliant work! What do you think about this remake? Would you fund it to get a playable game? 

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