Best ARCADE Exclusive Games by Shmup Junkie

I love my memories of hanging out at the arcade as a kid, and I want the arcades to come back. I know certain cities have some arcades nowadays, but unfortunately, there are none near me. This video from Shmup Junkie shows off the best shoot-em-ups, the best platformers, the best beat-em-ups, and the best run n guns from the best developers in the business. There are some great-looking games here that I had never heard of before. I love the look of Cannon Dancer (Osman), it's crazy, but I think I would prefer to watch someone play it. Boogie Wings Insanity looks so insane, and I would love to play it.

All of the games shown in the video look fantastic, and I enjoyed watching this video. There is something special about arcade games. Also, I want to know more about the MiSTer. Do you have fond memories of the arcade? What was your favorite game? Share your favorites in the comment section.


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