Alex Kidd In Miracle World Master System Review & Walkthrough by AqualungGameReviews

I found AqualungGameReviews around six years ago when I purchased an Atari 2600. They do all kinds of great videos about retro games. Since the remake of Alexx Kidd In Miracle world recently came out, I thought we could take a trip back to the original. Check out AqualungGameReviews review/walkthrough of "Alex Kidd in Miracle World" on Sega Master System. I love the Sega Master System, and this game is hard as nails, especially with one hit point.

If you love retro games, I would say give it a try. The walkthrough starts at 5 minutes 12 seconds, so if you don't want spoilers, don't go beyond this point. I found it very helpful and was thankful for the advice. I think I will play some now! If you like these types of videos, think about subscribing to AqualungGameReviews' YouTube channel.


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