Scarlet Nexus Review by IGN

Scarlet Nexus came out a few days ago, and here is IGN's review of the game if you are still not convinced. I played the demo with both of the characters, and even if I wasn't sure, I was still interested. The fact that it does well with the story narrative is a plus for me cause I love a good story. The bond episodes are a nice touch. Another thing that I appreciate is that there are two separate yet similar stories. 

As soon as I saw the announcement for Scarlet Nexus, I was interested. Now after, seeing this and watching some friends stream bits, I have no doubts. Plus, it is going to look amazing on the current-gen consoles. What did you think after seeing this review? Are you going to play Scarlet Nexus? 

Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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