People Are Making Crazy Games in Game Builder Garage

Nintendo's Game Builder Garage has been out for a minute now, and Alex over at Nintendo Life has found some cool games to share with us. He starts the video out saying how hot it is, and I understand cause it's hot here too. Game Builder Garage looks quite fun, and it seems like a fantastic tool for people interested in trying to make a game. I have dabbled a bit in programming, and I even made a couple of simplistic games using Scratch. This Game Builder Garage seems like it uses a similar system to program a game. 

These games look fun, the Doom game is impressive, and I bet there will be some rad stuff to play on here in the future. I want to try this game out, and I want to buy a copy for my nieces and nephew to see what they could build. What do you think about Game Builder Garage? Would you try building or only play? Tell us all about it in the comments down below.


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