Knockout City review - PS4, Switch, Xbox, PC

There's a new co-operative multiplayer out now, and everyone is raving about it. Knockout City came out for PC, Xbox, Playstation, and Switch on May 21st, watch the video to hear what God Is A Geek thinks about it. I have to admit it does look fun, and I love that players can become the ball too! Knockout City has crossplay and cross-progression on PC and all the recent consoles. No matter which platform your friends are on, you can play together, and you can switch between them and pick up where you left off in terms of your gear and stats. That is something I hope to see more of in the future. 

 If you are into playing competitive games with friends, then this is a game you should try out. What are your thoughts about Knockout City? Are you going to play it?


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