Castlevania: Hell's Lullaby - Fangame NES Style For PC

Here is another fangame made in the classic NES style. Hell's Lullaby is a tribute to the Nintendo era Castlevania games. One neat thing is that you can set out in this adventure alone or with a friend in local multiplayer impersonating Trevor Belmont or his son Evan Belmont. 
I always loved the Castlevania games on the NES, but they are hard, especially for a young person. I have loved going back to them in recent years, and they are still hard, but I finally beat Simon's Quest. I love that the fans of this series keep bringing us new creative ways to play these games. This particular fangame looks like a lot of fun, especially with a friend. 

Are you a fan of the NES-era Castlevania games, or do you prefer the later installments? Let us know which game is your favorite in the comment section below.


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