Aspiring Power Marsten Strategy Theme by VRNocturne

This next one means a lot to us here at Latest Game Reviews. VRNocturne is a member of the LGR fam, and he has been working on a project, designing a video game from the ground up. We have been lucky enough to see a bit of his creative process, as he has been sharing little bits and pieces of his work throughout the past few months. I have enjoyed seeing how a complex strategy game goes from being an idea to something more concrete. 

VRNocturne first shared a bit of the backstory with us, and I was immediately intrigued by the plot. He has also shared some of the music that he is creating one hundred percent on his own, self-learning music theory, and I love it. I have personally learned some things from him. He is a very talented individual. He continuously inspires me to try new things with music, art, and games. I cannot recommend VRNocturne enough. 

Do yourselves a favor and check out his YouTube and Soundcloud. If you like what you see, subscribe and support this wonderful person. 


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