Yunalescka's State of Play PS5 Reaction - Final Fantasy VII Remake - First Soldier and Ever Crisis

Hey, folks, I would like to introduce you to an awesome full-time Twitch streamer that we here at Latest Game Reviews enjoy. Yunalescka is a huge Final Fantasy fan and collector, which is pretty rad if you ask me, plus they love retro games. In this video they react, quite passionately, to the State of Play reveal of the next part in the Final Fantasy VII Remake, First Soldier and Ever Crisis. Check it out to see the high energy and fun times you can expect from Yunalescka. 

Do yourselves a favor and go check out their YouTube and Twitch channel and give them a follow if you like what you see. Oh, and by the way Yunalescka has some of the best emotes on Twitch!


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